Experitest Offers Cross Browser Testing Starting at 50 USD per Month in Its Global Data Centers

WILMINGTON, Delaware, September 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Experitest the leading Platform for the quality assurance of digital apps now offers cross browser testing at as low as 50 USD per month per browser. The service is available in its global data centers including the United States, Canada, India, Australia, Germany, the UK and the Middle East.

The extensive cross browser testing offering includes any browser in the market on any operating system.

Cross browser testing consists of the functional testing of an app's usability and visual testing that will detect and fix design issues before production. The key is to verify that app elements not only function as planned but also appear as designed.

Main highlights of the offering include:

  • Cross Browser Testing - Automate your cross browser testing by running Selenium & Appium tests.
  • Cross Browser Manual testing & Debugging - Real-time Interaction with websites and web applications on 1000+ real desktop browsers and mobile devices.
  • Visual Testing - Verify UI responsiveness across different screen resolutions and windows during automated cross browser testing.

For more information about Experitest's cross browser offering click here.

For further details on the pricing please contact  sales@experitest.com

About Experitest 

Experitest enables organizations to rapidly release better quality digital applications to the market. Its SeeTest quality assurance platform, available as SaaS or on-premise solution, enables web & mobile application testing across a large selection of browsers & real mobile devices, and under real end-user conditions. The SeeTest platform includes functional and visual test automation, manual testing, and performance testing, and seamlessly integrates into all ALM environments (e.g., Appium, Selenium, UFT, Junit, Jenkins, Eclipse, Visual Studio, XCode and Android Studio).  

For more information, contact Experitest at support@experitest.com or visit: http://www.experitest.com

For media inquiries, contact Ruth Zamir, support@experitest.com, or +1-646-491-6262.

SOURCE Experitest


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