Over 55% of All Mobile Apps May Still Not Be Compatible With the New European GDPR Regulations and With the Google Play's Privacy Requirements, According to a New SafeDK Data Trends Report


The report examines hundreds of thousands of android apps & covers the current state of the global SDKs market: User private data access by external SDKs, usage & market share by SDK category, app or game category, app developer geo, top apps & more.

HERZLIYA, Israel, Jan. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- SafeDK, the leading end-to-end mobile SDK management platform and mobile ad intelligence solution is releasing a new Mobile SDKs Trends report today. The report is focused on an analysis of SDK-related privacy issues due to the upcoming European GDPR act and the Google Play upcoming developer policy requirements around user privacy access.

The report shows the percentage of apps that access user private data, by both the type of access and the percentage of SDKs making it (e.g. over 26% of the SDKs access user location). When looking at ad-network SDKs, the number skyrockets to over 58%). The report examines how these numbers have changed since August 2017.

As in the previous report versions, this report also reveals who were the top mobile SDKs in December 2017, by SDK category, app or game category, developer geo and more.

Here are some main highlights from this report:

  • Over 55% of the top apps had at least one SDK that accesses user private data (location).  Over 40% of apps had at least one SDK accessing user apps data and nearly 30% of the apps had at least one SDK that accesses user contacts.
    * Mobile app companies will not only need to make code changes in the near future (to be compatible with the upcoming GDPR and Google Play requirements), but they will also need to evaluate and monitor their 3rd party implemented SDKs.
  • Surprisingly enough, the average number of mobile SDKs in an app continue to grow and now stand at 18.5 per app (we were expecting this trend to drop facing the upcoming GDPR).
  • Sports, dating and shopping have been particularly busy adding more SDKs in the past quarter:

To explore many additional trends, and to explore trends by geos, please download the full report here. 

For media queries only contact Einav Laviv, G2M TEAM.


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