Measure and analyse your communications to make data-driven business decisions

Understanding what worked, and what didn't, for each campaign and message is key for future success

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You can only improve what you measure.  Having visibility into which aspects of a campaign or communication were successful allows you to make adjustments, optimise your efforts and improve the results.  Many communications professionals are now responsible for reporting on the ROI of their efforts, making post-launch reporting and analysis essential.

Gain Intelligence with Quantitative and Qualitative Reporting

Measure campaign effectiveness and evaluate the results

Detailed data is a powerful tool for organisations. The ability to view unique media mentions, assess overall sentiment in social channels, gauge the performance of your competitors and compare your results against industry benchmarks gives you actionable information to make informed decisions.

With PR Newswire, you can:

  • Receive your data in easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • Discover your total number of media mentions, and break it down by the percentage of media who covered your company versus the competition
  • Determine if your message yielded a negative, neutral or positive response
  • Evaluate which news outlets and journalists have the most influence in your industry
  • View the top subjects driving media engagement over a specified period of time


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