Network Map

PR Newswire Global Distribution Network

 PR Newswire's global distribution network provides the right visibility and reach for your message. Interested in distributing to one of these geographic region? Contact us for more information.


Numbers reflected in the map below are based on our syndication network, newslines and PR Newswire for Journalists members. The map is updated based on additions to those databases and is updated quarterly.


All Distributions Worldwide 11976
Web Distributions 5988
Journalists & Media 5988

Views and Referral Sources

 PR Newswire's web platform is optimized for social channels, search engines and is widely viewed on mobile devices. The numbers below are reported on a monthly basis from PR Newswire's web analytics. The data below represents the entire month of August.


Social media reach by major platform

Monthly traffic from Social Media sites *Based on SiteCatalyst referrers, which omits traffic from some URL shorteners

Releases viewed on mobile devices by major platform

Monthly views on mobile devices

Referrals by major search providers

Monthly traffic from online searches

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